Boid Fink

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We shall see. And if I am right? Will your personal attacks subside and an apology be issued? Or will I not give a flying fuck if you do? Either way, I am right. Trask was a wasted pick. And if a lineman goes down and it becomes an issue, you can sit in the back and suck yourself thumb and my bug d&&k at the same time. Your mouth is if enough for it woman.

Should have drafted Quinn Meinerz. Simple as that. It is really that simple.

Trask was a wasted pick. Only a gator honk would defend it.

According to PFT, Bruce said that wasted pic looked “fantastic” in mini-camp. He’s really impressed with his accuracy and the way he processes information. Also said he believes he will be ready when called upon. But you have convinced the board that you know more about selecting talent than Bucco Bruce,