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Some people take what others say on here way too seriously. It is completely obvious the suicide comment was a joke and poking fun at Debucs and Boid. It didn’t seem to me to be a personal attack at all. Just my two cents which ain’t worth much.

I didn’t take it seriously at all.

But how are posts like that productive?

Get that negative energy out of here.

Talk football. Not about each other.

You understand that everyone here knows that (1) you didn’t like the Trask pick, and (2) he won’t pan out as the future Bucs quarterback in the post-Brady era.

The more you repeat yourself before the results are in, the more it seems your ego and self-esteem is tied-in with the failure of Trask. You now seem to be a person who is actively rooting for someone to fail, because you have talked too much trash to tolerate the idea that you might be wrong. When you cross that line, you end up with the Rob Parkers of the world, who everyone immediately dismisses the moment the subject of Tom Brady is brought up. Their opinion is discounted, because they put too much of their reputation and ego into projecting the failure of a player.

That’s what you are courting here with Kyle Trask. Whatever your opinion on a variety of topics, the moment Trask is brought up, no one will take you seriously, and you certainly won’t get credit if/when Trask doesn’t pan out three years from now. It’s a strange hill to die on.

Incorrect. I’d love to eat crow & trask to be the next brady.

I would’ve loved even more for our 2nd round pick to help us this year or next.

We won’t know for several years how the trask pick will work out.

However i can say, with 100% certainty, trask will in no shape way or form help us repeat as super bowl champions.

Im not mad..just..disappointed..