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What gets me is I can never tell if you guys are joking around… Playing the anti Chron card or what. This is the same kind of stuff Fire and the completely objective former Republican Karma say all the time. Is it a troll? do you actually mean this? Is it just a tongue in cheek jab at Chron? I’d really like to know.

Joe Biden is obviously doing a terrible job as President. He’s taking “weak” and “ineffectual” Presidency to a new low. Hammas and Israel just laughed in his face on a cease fire. Not to mention his administration just gave all the money used to supply all those rockets to Iran a few months ago.

I’m not even going to go down points. Joe Biden did almost nothing about Covid except wear his stupid mask outside hundreds of feet from everyone and be Mr. Nice guy. Almost every single idea the left had about Covid has been proved completely and utterly false.

Considering all this, I’ll have to assume you meant it as a joke.