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“Racism isn’t real” -@jbear

You actually posted a left wing anti racist “dox” group’s post as proof that racism exists?

“Hey let’s root out Racist posts to help raise money for our Everyone wear black and smash windows rally next Thursday” “If we don’t find any we’ll make some up as always” “Antifa doesn’t exist!” Says the left wing dox group using antifa tactics on twitter. LOL

And you really don’t get it or why would you start a thread based on this crap. I mean, who the *%$# is Krista? Looks to me like a random picture of the white devil presented as a racist because that’s what’s needed. Look Fire…. I know it seems like I’m being a dick but jesus christ I’m actually spending time to try to get through to you before it’s too late. You’re a human being (presumably) and you deserve to be led out of darkness…. er thats darkness as in the lack of radiation that we call light not anything to do with skin tone… just to be clear.

If you wanted to build a new and more perfect world you’d have to have a bad guy to go after, for you and the leftists it’s capitalism although right now that’s hush hush a little bit but certainly, the capitalists, the big business’s the pepople who have way too much stuff because that all needs to be cleaned up before socialist Untopia can come about. But how do you get enough support when so many Americans have been pretty well served by capitalism? Well you find other ways to make a bad guy. This racism boogey man is essential. The aggressive fight against racism “anti-racism” is just the first stone tossed. These people are now powerful enough to defend Hammas against Israel publicly with no fears of any backlash. It will devolve into full on class warfare and it will go mostly along racial lines. You laugh when I say things like “being white makes you one of the bad guys” but it is coming it really is. That is unless you can properly deprecate yourself… hand over your earned promotion, send your kids to community college and generally bow down to the superior “good” races like you should.

I firmly believe that the great spiritual leaders like MLK, like Gandhi or Jesus, did NOT advocate for a future where status and privilege was dictated by skin tone. That is what you are working for and you won’t even admit it. Racial quotas in admissions, employment and shame bestowed on light skinned people for working hard and having a good life. It’s all a part of a larger plan to lead us into socialism through racial division. What you’ve been told is a lie. The world will not get better by using the tactics you guys are using. The only thing that will make the world better is the promotion of true and real equality. That means equal treatment in everything. There can be no hand ups or shame for being the wrong color.