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JBear, you are confusing two separate issues. There’s liberal policies and conservative policies. Affirmative action is a policy and you can be for or against that. There are legitimate arguments on both sides. That wasn’t even a topic on this thread.

This is about a racist post comparing an Asian person to a bug. Do you think it was made up? Sure it’s possible that stuff like this gets fabricated to inflame people, and we need to watch out for that. But I don’t think this was fabricated, nor do I think it was the only one like it. These people are out there and unfortunately they are real, and they aren’t just white people either.

But what sticks in my craw is calling yourself “Patriot” while being a racist. Regardless of your politics, this should piss you off. But there you go again, JBear, getting on the defensive and deflecting and changing the subject.

I’ll be glad if we can get to the point where we Democrats and Republicans can focus on the issues and policies, but we aren’t close to that point right now.