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Lol. A thread that is a straw man

Good thing it’s in bed

You know damned well that you posted dozens of threads that implied that Trump was compromised by Russia. I can remember several including one where you were outraged that Trump was allowed to be in a room with another foreign leader (Putin) without any advisors to make sure he didn’t get on his knees and suck Vlad off.

F*%$ you Karma. Sometimes you’re just too much. “Straw man” What a douche.

its completely a strawman

Its also classic Greenwald playing to a following of mostly over-amped mental midgets. The same mental midgets who back the GOPO saying its time to move one . . when it comes to the Insurrection lol

Its also PROOF of the point I’ve made about Gruenwald many times: he is trying to get clicks by selling fake outrage. This is proof. all the things going on in the world and he has to not only go back in time and even then turn it into

Fire is 1000% right about you and confirmation bias.. Greenwald is playing to you, not informing you.