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I don’t get the hoopla pro or con Trask. The transition is going to be overwhelming for any QB. Add to the fact he’s a development QB, I don’t think there should be any true assessment this year. For that matter, HC Arians saying praises for Trask is just public relations. Arians won’t bad mouth a player they just drafted, especially a QB. HC’s and GM’s all love their players.

We can have better info on Trask when he actually gets into games because that’s the only true barometer. I recall all the praise Winston got and his recognition, but gameday showed and all that good stuff went away… unfortunately. Winston couldn’t elevate his college game to the NFL level.

Anyways, HC Arians was rumored to be a QB Whisperer, but failed miserably with Winston.

All Trask talk should be next off-season, not this season. We already know he’s red-shirting this year.