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remember when JBear used to pretend NOT to be a Trump Qpublican?

Color me shocked a dishonest smear!

So now you have to be a Truper to mock a Democrat President? Those goal posts sure have moved. And this falls right in line with my biased opinion that you and other left leaners actually believe that half the country are Qanon conspiracy lunatics because who could stand against the benevolent left but lunatics?

Yet there will be outrage when I point out that our weak old fart of a President just got nearly attacked on the tarmac by a deranged radical democrat for not supporting Hammas terrorists? And I’m the bad guy for pointing out the contridictions, the similarities between Joe’s rebranding of the GND and other socialist nonsense.

And I’ve admitted several times that Joe is not a socialist himself…. not good enough. But all who stand against the socialist wave are Trumpers? Just stupid.