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Gimme a guy who is smart over a dumb guy with talent; you can’t coach a dumb guy…Jimmy Johnson

Stupid is as stupid does…Forrest Gump

I read an interview with John Spytek, Bucs director of player personnel. He said he did case studies on Greg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs, on how they were able to be SO good for SO long without buying their way to the top, and thats the way the Bucs have been drafting.. the Bucs look for really smart players who are coachable, who are unselfish.. and that is what we saw last year. This team was unselfish, you kept hearing this from the players after we won the SB.

Say what you want about Licht and his failures in the draft, but he has definitely been way above average finding incredible talent not only at the top of the draft, but in the middle rounds as well.