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This is about a racist post comparing an Asian person to a bug. Do you think it was made up? Sure it’s possible that stuff like this gets fabricated to inflame people, and we need to watch out for that. But I don’t think this was fabricated, nor do I think it was the only one like it. These people are out there and unfortunately they are real, and they aren’t just white people either.

Of course you don’t think it’s fabricated, it’s in line with your views. Not any different from Qanon guy believing Q shit is real.

Even if there are white people who post shit like this I’d argue it isn’t even about Race anymore. It’s about #&%@ You. 10 years ago we had about 100 racists in the country, now suddenly racists are hiding behind every tree waiting to beat up an asian person….. oh wait those are black racists and therefore don’t actually exist.

The affirmative action stuff, is just as relevant. Affirmative action is what brought us here and according to the radical left we need more of this. Reparations, hand ups, just a general leveling of the playing field on racial lines. That’s seriously fucked up and if you really can’t see the similarities between socialism then you may be a lost cause already.