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This cool boots person is pretty rude but I do not think they should be sent to the gulag.

Look, you laugh my comparisons to Soviet style authoritarianism but I don’t know how else to get through to you. This shit happened and it wasn’t that long ago. That’s the road you take when you start making laws about speech.

On that note though, I don’t think doxing is bad in every case. If you had someone who was promoting violence or promoting a militant style of racism more than just talking then sure. Root them out and make sure they lose their job or whatever. But if you’re just talking about a dumb and insensitive comment like this…. give me a break man. Why do you think all the black shirts attack anyone who’s taking pictures of them? Because they know they’re doing wrong and can get in trouble or lose their jobs… if they have a job.

I’d love to see you get as fired up about finding a black shirt who threw bombs into courthouses or punched media for trying to film what’s actually going on.