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jbear…you are a piece of shit. A dying group of angry white old people.

You will be dying off sooner than later.

You can’t stop it.

The racism will start to die off with you and other boomers.

How mad are you that white people will be the minority in a few years and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

Piece of shit.

Fire? Karma? Roy?

You stand by this right? Is charles just saying what you’d all say to each other when clear of deplorables?

No, I’m not defending this. Being an old white person, I’d have to disagree with this perspective. But I understand the frustration that is occuring when you see white people who are willing to make a mockery of our democratic system to retain their superiority. They are proud to be part of our great Democracy. They wave the flag. But when they face the prospect of losing their grip on power they have no problem with dismantling the Democracy to protect their own ass. When push comes to shove, a lot of American’s don’t really stand behind their words. It’s just as disappointing to me as it is to Charles.

And as for the die off theory. Charles may be waiting a while. Thanks to medical science people are living longer than ever. If you want a grumpy old 60 year old to die off, you may have to wait 40 years. That would be about 2060.

So JBear, since you have anointed me the defender of all liberal comments on this board, I’m anointing you the defender of all the conservatives. You can start with Chron and OT. Ready set go!…..