Boid Fink

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Because it was a wasted pick on a low ceiling player. He is Blake Bortles/Ryan Griff rolled into one. Could have drafted depth linemen. Instead of wasting a decent pick in a three year project player. What the hell is so hard to understand? We aren’t splitting atoms here. It was a crap pick during a super bowl run…Trask isn’t the future of anything good. And when it happens, I will remind you gator chomp honks what’s up. Garbage pick simple as that. Don’t like it? Cry some more. Trask sucks. He will never be a good nfl player. Ever.

The thing is you don’t know if it is a wasted pick until he fails. Winston and Mariotta were 1-2 and in their 6th year they were not even starting. Why such fervor over a pick that could turn out good or bad? I would complain if and when he fails to achieve, but why waste all of this time, stress, and energy on something that is uncertain?