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Posting a meme is a hate crime? lolz

Keep up the good work, Congress. Signal that virtue. The useful idiots are applauding.

Exactly. I think it’s more than fair to question the intelligence of any person who can’t see the danger and destructive impact this shit is having on society. “But we’re just locking up deplorables” doesn’t work. Today’s deplorables are just as likely to be tomorrows gulag interigation unit. Today posting meme’s is a hate crime, tomorrow it’ll be a hate crime to disagree with the current racial truth no matter how fucked up it is. You’ll be thrown in jail for saying things like, that racial quotas are bad or that Reparations aren’t fair.

How many times do I have to point out that this has happened repeatedly in recent history? I’ll spare you the cliche’ Slippery slope analogy… this is a fcuking cliff. I’m not certain where the edge is but we are already close enough that any sane person would stop moving and have a look around.