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Goal posts haven’t moved. Society has evolved. This is called progress.

It isn’t that complicated but you’re trying your hardest to muddy the waters.

The age of cell phones have allowed us to DOCUMENT what we already knew was happening.

George Floyd MURDER isn’t a murder 30 or even 15 years ago because there would be no proof.

Body cams, cell phones, social media have all shined a light on WHAT ALREADY EXISTED.

People SEE that light and say “wow we need change”.

Old white dudes who have frail egos want to keep this power dynamic in place.

So they say all lives matter, blue lives matter, Antifa!, BLM is a terrorist organization, KKK is gone, Proud Boys have a non-white as their leader, racism is a liberal concept, white people don’t have a voice, blah blah blah.

Congress is predominately old white men, yet all the outrage over the “the squad”. Gee I wonder why?

Ain’t no woman, or Muslim, or Mexican gonna tell me what to do.

This is how society evolves!

Figure it out