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I don’t think he is a troll, I just think he is twisted in knots.

He tried to normalize Trump, then Jan 6th happened… and like Greenwald, every day since it has been a confirmation bias and/or avoidance behavior to come to terms with his stupidity in voting for Trump

Whatever Fire. I’m 1000 times more principled than you or Karma are. And I never tried to “normalize” Trump whatever that’s supposed to mean. I called out the hypocrisy of the left because it’s true. I stand by my belief that 90 percent of all the smash Trump crap was made up out of hatred and was politically motivated. Of course he did plenty that was wrong and most especially revolving around that little pep talk he gave the rioters in D.C. before the capital riots. That was B.S. which I’ve said before. But to hear your side tell it, Satan was erroneously elected, and was trying to single handedly bring down the entire government for personal gain and this was an every day drum beat.

And now here we are and I can’t point out that Joe Biden is pretending to drive with his little tikes steering wheel mounted in the big boy seat of the car he thinks he’s driving? It’s the hypocrisy. You guys spent the last four years completely unglued. Most of what you believe about Trump is BS and much of it has been proved to be B.S. but I know for a fact because of comments posted that you still believe shit that isn’t true. Exactly the same way Qanon guy believes shit that aint true.

Yes I hate the left but calling out hypocrisy doesn’t make me the bad guy.