Stagger Lee

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Joe Biden is pretending to drive with his little tikes steering wheel mounted in the big boy seat of the car he thinks he’s driving? It’s the hypocrisy

I am not sure I follow the undelrying claim, but I think its “Bidden staged a photo?” And that is “hypocrisy?”

From the follower of a guy (Trump) who used the military to clear a park so he could hold up a Bible?

I mean if there is ONE thing that everyone should be able to agree on its that Trump was all about bogus phot ops? he got used y North Korea because he thought the phot op of walking across a bridge would help him?

Maybe you dont know what the word hypocrisy means, JBear? or maybe its just all grievances. I mean, youre posting about a photo op as your guy (Trump) is trying to overturn our democracy with the Big Lie. If youare in the GOP and you support simple truth, REALITY AND fact , YOU ARE A “WAYWARD REPUBLICAN”


Just a thought