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That a Putin-controlled Russian asset would send lethal arms to Ukraine and do everything possible to sabotage Nord Stream 2

Jbear, this sentence right above proves Greenwald is a clown selling absolute BS . . and you buy it

1. Congress (not Trump) “sent lethal arms to Ukraine.” Trump tried to stop them FOR PERSONAL PILITICAL GAIN. No one says he did that to help Putin. everyone says it would’ve, which is what makes his action that much more criminal

2. Trump didn’t “do everything possible to sabotage Nord Stream 2” to hurt Putin. LOL. he did it to hurt Germany (not paying their bills, same as troops) and to help US fracking/gas producers. Biden is waiving some of the sanctions on one group of contractors to repair relations with Germany

so @JBear

agree or disagree?

I took the time to point out two Greenwald falsehoods (“strawmen”) and nothing in response?