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Gimme a guy who is smart over a dumb guy with talent; you can’t coach a dumb guy…Jimmy Johnson

Stupid is as stupid does…Forrest Gump

I’ll never forget Jimmy Johnson’s first year as coach of the Miami Dolphins. He got rid of a lot of Don Shula’s longtime vets in his first training camp. Including @nd round draft choice and All Big 8 LB Aubrey Beavers after just four days. Beavers was an amazing athlete but was too stupid to be able to handle an NFL defensive scheme…. he was really stupid in his personal life too. A year ago, he was scheduled to be on the Don Shula show which aired every Wednesday night. Most players showed up early and wore a sport coat and tie or at least a button down shirt and tie. This guy shows up in a Marlins jersey, untucked, five minutes before the show was scheduled to go off the air. The only player who ever missed his appointment.