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@Jbear – “progress ways from racism is really a socialist trick”

There’s always a “slippery slope” to claim

Is that paraphrasing? doesn’t seem like anything I said.

Anyway, you call this progress away from racism? Patriot takes is progress away from racism? It’s not a divisive political tool used to inflame more hatred amongst everyone towards everyone else?

IF it really is a real white person who actually believes oriental people are somehow bug like, on these verified “Parlor” accounts…. how the hell do you verify a parlor account anyways?

There is the option to “Get Verified” that provides Parler Citizen status. This step requires you to use your webcam to take a photo of an ID card’s front and back, say your driver’s license. … Once approved, your profile will show a red Parler badge telling other users that you are a real person and not a bot.

So take a photo of someone’s ID… got it. Pretty strenuous verification process.

But if it really is a real human being who went to parlor to post racist shit do you think for even one moment that the whole point of them doing so is not to mock the whole left wing anti racist machine in the first place? Anyway with the strenuous nature of the Parlor verification process I’m sure there are not any russian troll accounts or Antifa thugs posting bullshit on a message board known for being a haven of Trump supporters.