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@JBear, you realize you are part of “BLM” right?

In other words, BLM is on the far left of the political spectrum and you and other Trump supporters are on the far right emphasis on the word “far.”

Most on the left and even many on the right (“wayward gop, according to Trump) don’t agree with you and your Trumper friends, so how are your views representative? if you realize your own views are NOT representative of the majority of Americans then how are BLM’s?

“the majority of Americans” are morons as you know damned well or you wouldn’t be spouting all your bullshit all over the place day after day. Most Americans don’t give a damn about anything until they fear that things are happening that may affect them negatively. That is why you get so riled when I say Democrats are socialists even though some of them are. Because you understand that you can do pretty much anything as long as the average American doesn’t get scared for their own future.

How many democrats (reps) would have to get in bed with BLM for them to be representative of the party in your view?