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I mean, I try.

Couldn’t refer to him as Backseat Biden since he was essentially riding shotgun.

But, admittedly, it’s a step up from an orange-dyed lardass who drives his cart over perfectly manicured greens (guess getting any form of exercise runs the risk of him skid marking his Depends).

I have no idea if this is even a real thing but even if it is it makes my point about those two. How could one of these things be a huge deal and the other not be worth mentioning? You can’t go four years hamming it up at the expense of the President only to act like it’s out of bounds now.

Anyway if he really drove over the the greens I have to admit that’s freaking weak. Every 12 year old kid learns to stay off the greens with the carts… heck even with a pull cart. If he shit his depends…. well that’s just gross. I can’t imagine why anyone outside of Fire or Karma would want to know about that… for obvious reasons.