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I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed reading this thread. Let’s just start right out by stating more than half of 1st round QB’s fail. Why? Simple. Way too many talent evaluators put arm strength and athleticism as the top qualities of a good NFL QB when these aren’t significant to the position beyond the minimal level of strength required to make all the required throws. No, the most important aspects are the ability to process what the defense is doing, then accurately throw the ball to where it needs to be and to do so on time. This is what Brady does. This is pretty much what every Super Bowl winning QB (save a couple who relied on stellar defense) does.

I still remember when we were drafting Winston and I made my football case against him based on accuracy. But LOOK! He can throw it 75 yards in the air with zip! To the wrong guy. I liked Trask because of his accuracy and timing, as well as his ability to process what the defense was doing. Those skills are top end NFL level. Sure, he needs to throw passes like the quick outs and other short outside passes with more velocity, but the rest of the field he’s stellar. They’ll work on his throwing motion to maximize those throws. I have seen him throw with zip, so I know he can do it, but he relies much more on throwing passes that are easy for the receiver to catch. If he can step those passes up and pick up the nuances of the coverages he’ll face and the routes his receivers are running, then he can be a starter in this league. If not…then he won’t be able to cut it. Considering how much he improved from 2019 to 2020, and how little he’s actually played in games, I think the odds favor him.

As far as wasting a pick, the only depth positions we really needed to address that we didn’t significantly do so would be DT. This draft sucked for DT’s and we would have wasted a pick getting one of them in the 2nd. We would have gotten a guy roughly on par with our current depth (limited). Addressing the OLB spot with Tryon fixed the DL depth that was most concerting. This was the year to get a QB when the right one was available for the right price and you could sit him on the bench until Brady retires. I can guarantee you if the Bucs won every game (not likely, but not impossible) Brady will retire. He might retire if we just win the SB again (happy wife, happy life, and she would prefer he retire). What would we do then? Pick a QB at the end of the first round (effectively a second rounder). Throw a bunch of draft capital to move up and get a better QB at the upper end of the first? That would be a “waste” of picks. There are plenty of QB’s that have become stars that weren’t first rounders and weren’t highly thought of at first. I could go on, but some of you are “geniuses” in you own minds and think Bruce and Licht are idiots. That doesn’t speak too highly of your opinions.