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Are you @theknees in disguise?

1) Brady won the Super Bowl with that knee.
2) Trask will not win anything in his rookie season.
3) Again, are you @theknees in disguise?

You should have been like this last season, not after we win the Super Bowl. I hate to say this, but it’s disgusting behavior. Brady may succumb, but you don’t know when. Geez. Why bring everyone back then?

This is the off-season. Usually, the off-season is the only time all fans can be happy! GTFO!!! Seriously ruining the vibe of winning the Super Bowl.

I didn’t say Brady wouldn’t make it through the year. But unless we get the bye week, he’s going to have to play 21 games to win a Superbowl. I just think that’s expecting a lot. I see him missing some portion of the games. I didn’t say it would be at the end necessarily. He could get miss games in the middle and come back at the end. I think its going to be a struggle, and he’ll call it quits at the end. I didn’t say we wouldn’t win a Superbowl this year. Hockey, if you see this as a “knees” type of post, well I guess anybody who would dare to suggest Brady is a mere mortal has some resemblance to knees. But I promise not to post the same thing 750 times until you cry for mercy.

I think if you set your sites on a realistic scenario you can be happy when that scenario comes out for the better. I don’t think we should be disappointed in the Brady experiment. Regardless of what happens from here on out he already won us a Superbowl. I do think we have a good chance to win another one.

I think we’re going to need the 2nd string for part of the season, but that’s going to be Gabbert. But you still want depth in the position. You don’t want to have to bring Calvin Peete out of retirement, nor do you want to rely on Ryan Griffin. And that’s where Trask comes in. If you have to make a go with Gabbert and Trask its not a total loss.