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Not sure what hes asking or what he has left in the tank, but the mans only 31. 32 in december. Him with vea and suh jpp barrett & co? Yes please. 1 year cheap(ish) deal. Come win a ring! Him>nacho 100%. Possibly even gholston tho gholston is a tad underrated imho. Gimme casey over Nelson too!

He doesn’t play the same position as any of the three you mentioned, which all play different positions. You truly have no idea what you’re talking about. He would project behind Suh in this defense, and while I wouldn’t entirely mind the signing i’d rather see what Adkins has left if we’re going to kick the tires on washed DTs

Idl is one of the thinnest units on the team buttercup.

Casey>Atkins imho.

Either would be welcomed editions.

Anyone but McCoy!