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Could be his lifetime W-L record of 13-35 is what keeps people realizing how underrated he is.

But I do think the situation you are in makes a big difference. Gabbert is a veteran now who has had a chance to learn the system for a couple years now. If he has to come in I think he could keep things moving, but it’s impossible to say. I’d like to tell both Gabbert and Kiermaier no headfirst slides!

A little confusion about his salary. Wasn’t it reported that he signed a contract worth “up to” $2.5 mil. But Spotrac just lists $1.5 mil, 750K contract with a $750K signing bonus. I suppose there is an incentive relating to playing time, but that should count against the cap and Spotrac didn’t have that. That is a minor detail, but it could give some indication about how much was the Bucs wanting to keep Gabbert around vs. how little interest any other teams had in him. How much were they counting on him to be a part of the future as opposed to just a stopgap backup player.