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The people who say that Trump and his followers using “China Virus” (for political reasons) was “NO BIG DEAL” and who echoed bogus Wuhan lab conspiracy theories . .

NOW object to a hate crime trying to protect Asians who have been increasingly attacked . . . . wait for it . following the use of China Virus and the proliferation if Wuhan conspiracy theories

Literally, the cause of the problem claiming that an attempted solution is not needed.

Maybe don’t be dicks to start with?

Just an idea.

I guess you never figured out why Trump was insistent on calling it the “China Virus.” The Chinese government was (and still is) running around trying to obfuscate the truth and deflect away from any possibility that the finger of blame for the release of the virus can be pointed at them. They also originated a number of stories suggesting, and in some cases downright accusing the USA of being the origination point. It kept the spotlight on them, even if some tried to make it a racist/xenophoic issue instead. Lo and behold, the current train of thought is leaning more and more towards an accidental release from the Wuhan lab.

I am also waiting with baited breath how our white fragility is responsible for the black on ASian hate crimes that have exploded over the last year.