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So in the end Biggs WAS IN FACT defending the post because Hate crime/speech (always with semantics this guy) is, in his opinion, not necessary.

So Biggs saying “I’m not defending anything I’m here to point out an apple is an apple” is just a way to both say:

Racism is out there and one post doesn’t mean there is a ton of it


The hate crime bill is violation of the first amendment.

That’s what I’ve inferred from your posts… aside from you being the usual twat, selective amnesia, and arguing semantics to hide from the real point.

And what I am saying is, the post is here to show how much racism is prevalent in Parler. I didn’t say my opinion one way or the other on hate speech bill.

We know where Biggs and Jbear stand, but apparently saying you’re “defending” it caused Biggs enough headache to make a point about it (because he likes to argue the important parts) 🙄