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This ^^^^ from the guy who says most Americans are morons

JBear – every . every . . . hate crime REQUIRES an UNDERLYING CRIME , you dope. The phrase has TWO words. The word “hate” modifies the word . . CRIME. No one is getting incarcerated for being deplorable (lol).

Maybe you’re the moron?

My point was that you understand very well how easy it is to manipulate the public as do all of the political class. The saving grace for all the morons…. probably all of us on this board included in that group, is that both sides work against each other. The moment you succeed in your quest to invalidate one side is the moment we’re all doomed and all those things I’m talking about are absolutely possible. So right now what I’m saying sounds insane but there is a tipping point and when we reach it all bets are off.

Why does every generation seem to think that they have it figured out and “we won’t mess it up this time”? That’s the joke. People like Fire who don’t understand that we aren’t really any smarter than we ever were and things like free speech exist through trial and error to preserve civility and even the existence of free civilization itself. Because the alternatives are horrific and have been borne out with example after example throughout history.

But I’m a kook? Yes libertarians are kooks aren’t they? Mock me if you will. I’m not a trumper, I’m not a racist, I’m not a whole list of names you’d like to call me, I am simply an American with my own perspective and my own views about what is really important about this great experiment we’re all living in. Those things are simple; Individual liberty to do and say what we please so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, a live and let live mentality and the idea that all men are created equal. I reject with every ounce of strength that I have, the Idea that societal costs should ever be more weighty than the liberty of the individual. Liberty should never be infringed upon because of some shared healthcare costs or some abstract idea of “harming” another person. It’s black and white.

People like Fire and you Karma would obviously see this sort of society as a terrible place because in your view society needs to be constructed, engineered into this perfect uniform fantasy land where everyone has everything and there is no crime and everyone loves everyone else but you fail to notice the details of how that would inevitably be done. It’s why I rail against the authoritarian tilt taken on by the left. All of this stuff is authoritarian. From the blue state lockdowns to the locking nursing home patients up with covid patients to making hate crime laws to criminalize saying or posting racist shit on the internet. It’s all authoritarian and it’s all becoming ok because of the current political climate of which Democrats and left wingers are despite your objections…. a huge part of the problem.