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white fragility is the reason for many things Trump. No such thing as voter suppression, no systemic racism, no reason for hate crimes (JBear says its illegal to be a “deplorable” lmao) . . all matched with an unswerving allegiance to a fascist clown who promises to protect whiteness (“culture” and ‘way if life”), even at the expense of the democracy. Trumpers here in the Cove started by denying voter suppression even existed, then lost an election and openly engaged in voter suppression — Lindsey Graham, McConnell even acknowledging that. Not a peep from the Trumpers . . all of them . . white, right?

Coincidence, probably.

Bejebus Fire. Once again you say black people can’t vote for a Republican…. so much dumb here.

The American way of life is now “Whiteness”. Ok…

I said it will</em> be illegal to be a deplorable when you guys get enough power. And by the way you don’t even deny that and this thread is a perfect example. If you get the power you would gleefully strip away freedoms and rights to help create this wonderful anti racist lala land.

Tell me I’m wrong Fire.