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It’s only been since March:

Buggsy, you’re probably incapable of realizing why you just clowned yourself and Kermit?

you guys are so put off by criticism of DeSantis, I guess, that in the midst of all that is happening in the country NOW – Israel, Congress, insurrection, Arizona, GOP splitting in two — you guys grabbed a completely unrelated story . . FROM MARCH . . . solely to create a thread directed at one poster on a football message board. . . .

JBear may not have enough Snickers bars

Sure, that’s the shameless-sack-of-shit way of looking at this things.

But then there’s reality, where the story came out in March with an update to the story (in the OP) posted yesterday. All while you’re telling everyone who will listen how you have no idea about said story, even though you’re in New York with New Yorkers all of the time. Everybody knows have you no friends or family that give two shits about you, because you spend every waking hour on this off-topic board of a football fansite.

You would get some compassion if you weren’t such a loathsome asshat. Just look at how you’re attempting to derail this thread by posting TDS twittersphere tweets (five different ones at this point) that have nothing to do with the subject of the thread. Completely shameless.