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(Btw, if the story has been around for a while why is it on the board today? Lol)

Dude, the article I cited was published one day before I posted it. The story has been around for a while but NY Times is just now getting around to it. You say you’re in NY and you don’t read The Times? Pfft!

Kermit – look you and your band of Merry Minstrels seem to be so offended by a point of view .. on an “off topic football message board” (there you go, Biggsly) … that you seem to have created a preemptive strike (lol) thread directed at a someone who offers a different point of view. Literally a thread that is about the absence of a point of view lmao. It’s like building up a snowman just so you can whack it with branches.

If you can’t see how pathetic that is … just read Buggsys last post … while I beg for “compassion l … I guess? (That’s the proper protocol, right?)

Hopefully none of you are as tied up in knots as you seem.

That post by Buggsy tho….