Stagger Lee

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If Cuomo did that then yes that would be bad for similar reasons (DeSantis is alleged to have done similar FOR POLITICAL GAIN)

Not that it matters, but my opinion is right there ^^. Only you partisan hacks put everything on one side or the other.

I hate HRC but don’t think she’s evil, killed Vince Foster, or any of the many other lunatic things you guys post

I posted a photo here of the dead body of the Ambassador in Benghazi because it was such a tragic event … but I can obviously also see that if you held 33 hearings on that (and admitted it was partly to hurt HRC) … you probably need to investigate January 6th

I thought Trayvon Martin got what he created, but also think there is systemic racism

I thought Trump was getting set up by the FBI … until the facts came out

All of you Trumpers are monoliths. You all seem to think that giving in on ANY issue is somehow striking at the core of your credibility? This leads you guys to always trip all over yourselves – like screaming about free speech and the “Deep State” but then filling up this thread (about “hypocrisy” lol) WHILE IGNORING THE NOW THIRD THREAD ON THE TRUMP DOJ LITERALLY INVADING PERSONAL EMAILS OF JOURNALISTS.

The Cove is Monty Python (intentional old ref for Java) not Face the Nation and certainly not Fr Sumter lol