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Runole, you were wrong, BIGLY wrong. You spent months spouting off complete and utter bs.

As a human being who has also lived through the last year I think it’s more than fair to say that Runole was no more wrong than you and fire were. How many business’s should have been shut down that weren’t? how many seniors should have been locked in a death trap with covid patients who escaped by not living in a blue state? If we were all like Michigan we’d have saved hundreds of thousands of people right? Oh wait. Was any of that B.S.?

How you could see the mask mandate suddenly dropped for political expedience and still not grasp how fucked up you behaved last year is beyond me….. Newsome threw people in jail for going to church. You guys went nuts and it turns out you were at least as wrong as Runole the whole time.

And now it turns out the “China Virus” might actually be from a Wuhan lab…. after all the nonsense from you and Fire. Could any person be any more wrong than that?

With all due respect, RuNole is literally a poster boy for the Alt Right.

Believe me, buddy. This is not a hill you want to die on.

He’s getting his…