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First, the word “more likely” is your term. I don’t see anybody saying that. Second, even if it did escape from a lab in China, what does that have to do with Asian people in the United States?

I use the term “more likely” because there is no definitive proof at this time. However, the arguments for the alternatives are becoming less and less likely each and every day. Read this:

Its a bit of a long read, but it makes you think. And this from a Science journal that has been around for 75 years which has a pretty good independent and scientific reputation from what I can tell. So if the buzzword of the day is “follow the science”, it’s a good source.

For the record, if the virus did escape from a lab in China it has nothing to do with Asian people in the United States. But that’s not the context in which the term was used is it? It was used to identify the place of origination, especially at a time when the Govt of that place of origin, China, was doing it’s best to cast blame elsewhere. Particularly, the US.