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Terry is a one trick pony. He can’t block or run certain routes.

Wilson is out of shape, runs his mouth too much, and got owned in the Senior Bowl.

Both are locker room cancers

If FSU had a stable coaching situation, and recruiting had been better….these comments would not be said by anyone. They weren’t cancers, Norvell screwed up and lied on national TV. Of course that was going to upset these young black men in a time where the black community is getting profiled, targeted, abused, and murdered by officers. Look at what Terry was able to do in a terrible offense and with Blackmon at QB. The kid is sooooo talented, but yes he does need some coaching up and good character guys around him (i.e. Evans and Godwin). He was hurt all season and did get fed up by horrible qb and play calling the last two seasons. I don’t think he is a cancer tho. Heck we have a true premadona and cancer in A.B. and Terry is NOTHING like him. Wilson was also injured and with the lack of an off season he wasn’t in his best shape. He did stay with the team throughout and cheered them on the entire season. That’s not a cancer, he did take extreme offense to Norvell openly lying esp about something so important. Marvin will finally be healthy going into the season, and he could bring a lot of talent and depth to our dline

Norvell didn’t lie on national TV. He simply misworded how he had communicated to the team. Rather than go to Norvell’s office and take it up with him, Wilson chose to run his mouth on social media and almost caused a player mutiny. That right there would’ve gotten him kicked off the team if I had been the coach. He also was given instructions on how to stay in shape during the offseason and refused to follow them. As a result, he showed up in 2020 overweight and out of shape.

Terry can only run one or two routes, can’t block downfield, and is more of a prima donna than you might think. If he didn’t like the play calling, he too could’ve gone and taken it up with Norvell. Instead, he chose to alienate himself from the team, which got him dismissed. That “Scary Terry” mask bit isn’t going to fly in the NFL unless he becomes another Megatron, which he won’t.

There’s a reason both of these high school five stars didn’t get drafted. And it isn’t because they lack talent.

Terry was a 3 star recruit and really wasn’t on anyone’s radar. He was very raw out of high school. FSU didn’t even know of him until a poster on Warchant brought up his name to Michael Langston. The whole “he can only run one or two routes” is greatly overblown. Tons of good pro WRs came out of systems that didn’t have extensive route trees. I’m not saying he’s a the next All Pro WR, but he was significantly more talented that a lot of guys that got drafted. If he can make it onto the Seahawks roster, I can def see him making a difference down the road