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Good thing I don’t own a rabbit.


Other than “your wrong” not sure what the point is, but man just thinking that you limped out from that last convo to go find something like this … 😳

(Buggsy, you remember your big gaffe with quotation marks? The “your wrong” is intended to be “ironical”)

What’s your point? Happy to respond. I am wrong plenty. Don’t mind admitting it, do feel free explain? Maybe have a Snickers first, just so it’s not all “loser $&#%!! Shameless $&€£¥!!!!

I’m not sure you could be a more disingenuous piece of shit if you tried.

“What’s the point?” It’s clear to most what the point is.

“I’m wrong plenty.” If by plenty, you mean damn near every time you hit the post button, we’re in agreement Mr. Walter “I just report the news” Cronkite.

Governor DeSantis and all of the people associated with your and this unhinged broad’s smear campaign accept your insincere apology.

Lolz @ “Florida Shuts Down CV Data Collection”