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What’s the point?” It’s clear to most what the point is

So clear that you can’t explain? Rebekah Jones or the numbers?

I’m wrong plenty.” If by plenty, you mean damn near every time you hit the post button,

This is where you out yourself as super insecure because Anyone whose posted here for a while knows you have a long history of posting dumb ass stuff that blows up in your face AND then never admitting it. Voting Rights Act, quotation marks, no voter suppression etc.

too many to list.

Apparently your track record bothers you. A bunch. That’s actually insane. It’s an “anonymous” off-topic message board lol. But look, if you want to project to make yourself feel more confident then go for it. Can only be a good thing.

Now try to explain Buggsy? Or are you afraid it will blow up in your face … again?