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So why did Brady extend his contract?

Because it gave the Buc’s over $19M in cap space.

true but do you think that is the only reason? Did Brady ever say “I am only extending my contract to free up cap because I have no intention playing past 2021” Can you link such a quote?

Right now I don’t think Brady intends to retire after this season. I think the injuries could catch up to him finally, but that isn’t in his mind right now. If he’s limping around at the end of the year, or dealing with broken ribs or a bad knee or a shoulder or whatever…well its one thing to power through it this year to go for the Superbowl, but its another thing to put in for more punishment in 2022.

As for the cap hit, of course there would be a cap hit if he retires after 2021. That cap hit could be spread out over two years with a post 6/1 move and it would be substantial but not crippling. But that’s the price of only having a $10 mil cap hit for Brady this year so we could sign our FAs and “run it back” in 2021. Compare that to a $37 mil cap hit this year for Aaron Rodgers. The Bucs pushed the money into the future. They know as well as anyone that they might have to pay the piper even if Brady isn’t suiting up in 2022. I don’t too many are going to be highly critical of that move. They shouldn’t be. Just remember next year, if we do have dead Brady money on the cap, that he only counted $10 mil this year.

Again, I’m really not trying to be negative Nellie. As a previous poster said, we already hit the jackpot and we are getting a Year 2. I’m just encouraging people to take it all in this year and enjoy it for what we have, because it might be all we get. People are a little overconfident about his ability to continue to defy Father Time. Even getting a 2nd year of Tom Brady is more than a lot of people expected when he signed on here.