Stagger Lee

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Newsweek opinion piece, almost verbatim, so yes. That’s what I was trying to point out, he’s providing the alt-right counter.

Wait…. Newsweek is alt right? When did this happen?

its an op ed

the author is not really alt-right as much as conservative, but the point is that Spartan parroted her take

I assume that most people who read her take would not agree that that was the point of the original author she is discussing, but in any event its a great example as to why “mis” information spreads. Spartan has a a point of view and that point of view is blasted all over the COCOON ” CRT is bad”

AS RESULT, WHEN THE TOPIC COMES UP .. Spartan portrays the issue so falsely that he even has to walk it back (“white people, and white people alone, are born racist”) and he did so based on a single conservative’s take of ONE author associated with CRT

this is what some (not all) conservatives do and, frankly, the reason for the phrase Spartan used earlier: white fragility. Rather than actually consider the issues and read about it first hand and make an independent judgment, things like “all white people, and white people alone, are born racist” are used to entirely dismiss an entire 40 year collection of data and opinion.

This ^^^^ is the VEEY ESSENCE of “us” versus “them” politics, which ironically conservatives deride as “identity politics”