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Spartan has a a point of view and that point of view is blasted all over the COCOON ” CRT is bad”

Is CRT good? I’d like to hear this.

I assume that most people who read her take would not agree that that was the point of the original author she is discussing, but in any event its a great example as to why “mis” information spreads.

This really sums up my issues with you as a poster. Why is this opinion piece “mis” information? It’s an opinion. And this is what you always do. You with your own bias make a snap judgement and label the other side stooopid. The worst part is that you treat this snap judgement as a fact.

If you wanted to have a real conversation you’d go into the points of the OPINION piece that you disagree with and why. Spartan could rebut and we’d end up right back where we began because that’s what political discourse is. If it were as easy as you say it is why the hell is the world so screwed up smart guy? Why is everyone forever arguing about everything? No no no, you don’t get to do that.

You are just as much of the problem as the right wing Qanon cocoon crazies because you’re just as partisan, just as rabid about what you believe. I’d say you’re even more self righteous. I know that there are issues where you go have to take a side and believe you’re in the right. Like that Hillary Clinton eats babies…. as much as I’d like to believe that I think its fair to ask for some proof or shut the $&#@ up. But you cannot prove that CRT is good and that those who point out negative aspects are stoopid. It’s an impossibility and you know this.