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Isn’t the clear and obvious point that Greenwald is cherry-picking stories to fit it liberal media narrative?

It goes back to why Greenwald sucks now… he writes for clicks, not for the truth and CERTAINLY not to brand himself as unbiased, bi-partisan, or moderate

Isn’t the clear and obvious point that all media does this all the time but Glen Greenwald is one person. One person doesn’t have to cover all news because the public won’t know what’s going on if he doesn’t. Now on the other hand, when media coordinates to do something like suppress a story… like the laptop, like Joe’s gaff’s or just what they cover.


About two-thirds of news coverage dealt with Biden’s policy agenda, while about three-quarters of early Trump coverage was framed around leadership skills

So yes it does matter but an individual journalist does not bear that responsibility.

There is also a really interesting graph that bears this out in that link.