Stagger Lee

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what most people call “hate speech” (“I hate Jews”) IS PROTECTED SPPECH . . just not on a private network because its controlled by terms & conditions

“we should meet to kill Jews” would not be protected


This really sums up my issues with you as a poster. Why is this opinion piece “mis” information? It’s an opinion

because its demonstrably false at worse or, at best, a real OUTLIER and
it is an opinion, that INFORMS Spartans opinion.

That is misinformation and it is the root of most problems today because every opinion is out in the world so even if its a false opinion of ONE person, it is still there for you to cling to, misunderstand.

BTW, I just OFFERED MY OPINION (back up with a bunch of facts) as to why Spartan’s take, which was really another person’s take, was wrong. That’s how this works :-)

In any event, this is NOT new. This is the “USA Today” problem. Very few people would have the time to read even a fraction of real Critical Race Theory, so instead people cling to headlines that RESONATE with their own pre-existing belief, many of those headlines coming through social media. The top SHARED traffic on Facebook, as one example, goes to people like Bongino and Shapiro (lol). Those guys are not honest brokers of facts, lmao. Carlson, Hannity, Faux News . . all admitted liars