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In the cocoon, CRT is a new form of indoctrination and, hilariously from an historic perspective, a “re-writing” of history, which is both confusion with the “1619 project” and ironic in that the ‘re-writing” claim is mostly coming from people who believe in the “Lost Cause” and southern monuments, both ACTUAL false history. These same people often suggest that racism is a thing of the past, there is no systemic racism etc.

In the context of this conversation this is absolutely hilarious. The lost cause is a historical fact even if that’s just to the extent that people believed a story about the war in large numbers and for a long time. You can’t wash away something like this and if you do it’s not a justice it’s akin to Soviet Russification of ethnically distinct Soviet states or the eradication of the cultural identity of native peoples in the Americas. You make this comparison even more clear when you make it about confederate war monuments. It’s all about homogenizing everything with no regard to the human beings who actually feel that there cultural identity is being stripped away.

Not understanding the conversation, Fire will now leap into the fray with some nonsense about how people who believe racist assed shit (southern rednecks) should be eradicated…. we don’t want their kind around here! yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve said this 100 times. Equality is not about making more racial distinctions it’s about celebrating what we have in common. (humanity)