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You make this comparison even more clear when you make it about confederate war monuments. It’s all about homogenizing everything

we should continue this discussion down at the “Himmler Was a Hero” statue

NOT to swing the conversation, but this is from a southern monument fundraising imitative DESCRIBING THE PURPOSE OF THE MONUMENT

““We would that all men in looking upon it might feel that it was a fit expression of the glory of the dead and of the love and reverence of the people for whom they died. It will speak to generations yet unborn of the simple loyalty and sublime constancy of the soldiers of Randolph county who fought without reward and who died for a cause that was to them the embodiment of liberty and sacred right.”

The “soldiers of Randolph County fought to preserve slavery


“Twenty Dollars Reward.
RANAWAY from John Goodman, esq.[esquire] about the 18th March, two Negro Fellows-of the following names and descriptions:-SAM, about 5 feet 10 inches high, 30 years old, his complexion a little bright; he is a good…”