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Anti Racism is not a force for good. Anti Racism is a form of bigotry and hatred that says if you disagree with me I’m going to punch you in the face and you deserve it because we aren’t going to put up with your opinions any longer.

This is like Runole’s list

In other word who would disagree with that position based on your definition of anti-racism?

But even with that definition, you’re doing basically the same thing as Spartan, right? You’re suggesting, figuratively, the Malcom X and MLK were the same. The more extreme view (equity) is the commonly-held view, when its not, right?

things like “equity” come up when people feel tat ‘equality” fails. You get that, right? People didn’t protest across the world because George Floyd was killed. They protested because many have been killed and Trump unraveled the reform, said “when lootings starts, shooting starts” etc. In other words, when oppressed people lose hope they resort to extremism.