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The lost cause is a historical fact even if that’s just to the extent that people believed a story about the war in large numbers and for a long time

the ‘re-writing” claim is mostly coming from people who believe in the “Lost Cause” and southern monuments, both ACTUAL false history

— your opinion might be right and mine may be wrong, but the point shouldnt be lost that you are both a believer in the Lost Cause and you seem to be espousing Spartan’s take on CRT, dont believe in systemic racism etc.

is that just coincidence? you implied CRT was bad above, but didnt say why?

I believe that the lost cause existed. Not that it was true but that a person who studies and respects history should acknowledge what happened without having to rewrite everything. We shouldn’t be so scared of the past… it already happened.

I am no sure what that means, so maybe I am wrong in my comments about your views. Here’s your chance to clarify and if I am wrong I will apologize

There is no doubt that the Lost Cause existed and even exist today. This is the Lost Cause – “the Lost Cause, is an American pseudo-historical, negationist ideology that advocates the belief that the cause of the Confederate States during the American Civil War was heroic, just, and not centered on slavery”

I believe– but could be wrong – that you have posted before that the Civil War was, in essence, an “heroic” and “just” fight over “state’s right,” not slavery (ie the specific right at issue)?


I recall posting the actual SC declaration, with its direct reverence to slavery, and I think you dismissed it?