Stagger Lee

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About two-thirds of news coverage dealt with Biden’s policy agenda, while about three-quarters of early Trump coverage was framed around leadership skills

this is completely understandable, right?

I mean, Trumpers play this like a victimization thing, like Trump was treated unfairly

Trump’s CHARACTER (“leadership style” is a euphemism) was the focus of coverage because Trump’s MO was to assault anyone who disagreed with him (media = “enemy of the people”), go it alone etc. and to do so DIRECTLY . . USING A VERY WIDE REACHING INFORMATION TOOL (TWITTER). The President often sets the news and almost every morning Trump aired a bunch of insane grievances on twitter, attacked people etc. This meant that the news was immediately set to him PERSONALLY because it was almost never policy, almost always grievance to rally his base (much of it FALSE) and no press secretary to really speak of. He was the direct source of everything, often times crossing wires with his own press secretary lol

This is precisely why Biden’s coverage is policy. Biden is a consensus building Senator. They also made a CONSCIOUS decision to be anti-Trump, to communicate from a press Secretary, and to quietly focus on POPULAR policy issues. If youre paying attention, you will actually dee Biden’s press sec refuse to really address Trump’s currently lunacy and certainly refuse to address “people are saying” type questions, the very essence of Trumpism.

Biden is boring. Trump was a tv show.