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It’s not convicting Trask. He’s just not a starting QB in the NFL and possesses very few of the qualities a team looks for at that position. Mond was there and he has as high a ceiling as anyone in the draft. Also, because Tampa is super loaded, we could have drafted two OL in our first three picks and really could be on to something long term on the OL. Chris Simms is about as sound a QB analysis guy as there is on the planet. He’s wasn’t huge on Trask. Simms is rarely wrong when pointing out flaws. I expect Trask to be a solid backup in the league for years to come.

Simms is a complete moron, he’s nothing if not frequently wrong. He’s also one of those guys who seems slightly bitter, and analyzes players as if he forgot how bad he himself was when he played.

This is as big a lie as has been stated on this board. Simms is not frequently wrong. In fact when it comes to the QB spot, he’s way more accurate than either Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. He loved Mahomes coming out of college and hated Mitch T. He was never big on Darnold but loved Herbert. Simms knows the QB spot better than almost anyone alive. Trask has way too many things to overcome to be a legit NFL caliber QB.

Just curious. Which QB or player would you have taken instead of Trask. Just so we have it on record for future debate. Please don’t say Quinn Meinerz. The Bucs passing on him twice speaks volumes. Also, PR has already debunked him as a prospect.

Quite frankly the only 2 players taken after the Trask selection that I thought the Bucs might consider were Aaron Robinson or Joseph Ossai.