Stagger Lee

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So, from their replies, it appears neither Karma or Fire looked at the video.

Is that you, Runole?

There so much information out there on this specific topic, including video’s and pictures, from multiple major news outlets. You can find it yourself. There’s really no point in anyone else addressing the video because all of you seem to believe what you believe, no matter the evidence, which in this instance has you equating A VIDEO POSTED FIRST BY A REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR IN CA then re-used by the Twitter banned and completely discredited Gateway Pundit in an article that described Biden as in a state of “mental decline” (ie the confirmation bias) to . . .

NY Times
Politifact (very detailed, you should have look)

. . to name a few

even Spartan — who thinks “Flynn is innocent” and Trump bribed Ukraine because “they should’ve paid for the missiles” — has to offer the super limp, conspiracy theorist “who knows, could be . . .”

Might be fake, but